Wynsdale Service Audit 2

Wynsdale SERVICE Audit

This is implemented at the start of a project then measured and managed during the life of the contract.  It is bespoke to your business needs but tailored around our 7 point framework that holds all the necessary components of a successful waste management plan.

To see whether you would benefit, we would ask you to consider the following…

Savings – “Cheap – but at what cost?”

Naturally you require competitive prices, but the real savings will come by implementing a best value solution that is suitable for the requirements of your business.

When did your current provider last examine the way your waste is currently handled?  Did they suggest the implementation of structural changes which could fundamentally reduce the overall cost to your business?

Are you aware that some waste streams can actually become a source of revenue and you could be paid to have it to be taken away?

Education  – “Why…?”

Have you ever challenged your current waste management plan and asked yourself why things are done the way they are?

When was your waste management plan last reviewed?  What changes to your business have occurred during this time?

Have your staff been provided with the education, training and just as importantly, the reasoning or rationale behind any improvements, which will all help towards compliance?

Minor behavioural changes can lead to significant cost reductions and efficiency benefits.

Recycling   – “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Are you aware that there are over 20 common recycling streams available to an average business in the UK, making a “zero to landfill” policy an increasingly achievable goal for every business?

Paper Metals Aerosols Organics
Cardboard Drink/Food Cans & Cartons Batteries Kitchen Waste
Confidential Waste CD’s and DVD’s Paint Printer Cartridges
Plastic Containers Furniture Bulbs/Tubes Wood
Packaging WEEE Oils Glass

For more information on how Wynsdale Waste Management can help you with your recyclables click here.

Versatility – “The cost of change”

Have you resisted maximising the value of your waste management plan due to the perceived cost in changing core processes within your business? Are you restricted by the collection cycles and requirements of your current provider?

There does not need to be any cost implications to your business by being more efficient in the way your waste is managed.

Information  – “Communication is everything”

Do you receive a detailed monthly waste management report from your current provider? Do you use this information to help manage your own operational efficiency?

Do you continually review your waste contract and ensure it is financially correct and provides you with the optimum solution for your business needs?

With Wynsdale Waste Management, each month you will receive a suite of management information providing an audit trail to show how your waste has been treated. This is not only for both our businesses to comply with statutory obligations – it will also help you measure the quantity of waste you are producing against your own operational efficiency.

Compliance – “Ignorance of the law is no defence”

Proven in the courts time and time again, there are very few legal cases where a lack of knowledge has prevented prosecution against a breach of legislation.

Did you know that everyone in the waste chain, from production to disposal has a duty of care to prevent any other person in the chain from committing an offence?

Are you aware that you need to influence behaviour with your staff to ensure that you remain compliant with the vast array of waste legislation and hence avoid very severe financial penalties…or even a prison sentence?

Environment  – “Green is Good”

No responsible company in the UK can avoid their obligations to protect the environment. When considering the way your waste is managed, are you conscious of the financial benefits, legislative requirements or simply your own appetite to “do the right thing”?

Have you considered how having green credentials such as ISO 14001 accreditation will reflect positively in your Corporate Responsibility profile, and how it could also be an influencing factor in winning, or more significantly losing new business.

The Wynsdale SERVICE Audit will ensure we can provide you with the best value waste management solutions in the market today.

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