Our Environmental Policy 

Our aspirations as a company are to become a market leader within the waste management industry by offering innovative waste management solutions to our clients.

The company’s main activities under environmental review include logistical movements to and from customers’ premises. The company’s ultimate goal is to reduce the impact that their clients have on the environment, and will endeavour to find new and effective means of waste management.

Our Commitment to the Environment

This policy covers both office based operations and logistical movements, to and from customer’s premises.

In order to show our commitment to the environment, Wynsdale Waste Management will adhere to the following:-

Our Short Term Goals include (but are not limited to)

  • Effective planning of appointments in order to reduce the level of CO2 emissions released from the use of vehicles.
  • Development of effective monitoring systems for the relevant resources consumed such as fuel and office stationary purchases.
  • Where possible Wynsdale Waste Management will use electronic modes of communication in order to reduce resources used.
  • Propose waste management solutions that are more favourable for the environment to all clients in order to reduce the impact that our clients have on the environment.
  • Consider where resources can be eliminated or reduced at source in order to reduce impact on environment as well as making cost savings for the company.
  • Wynsdale Waste Management aim to promote any environmental efforts to all stakeholders concerned, in particular our customers and local community through viable communication channels such as e-newsletters, brochures, press releases and internet.
  • Adhere to relevant legislation and use best practice methods to keep informed of future legislation relevant to the company and to its clients.

Our Long Term Goals include:

  • To develop a workable environmental management system (EMS) that is accredited to ISO 14001 standard as the company develops; with the main focus being on maximising pollution prevention, and developing new initiatives which contribute to continuous improvement both for the company and for Wynsdale Waste Management clients.
  • Wynsdale Waste Management will encourage our contractors to act in accordance with our environmental standards.
  • Wynsdale Waste Management aim to promote staff awareness of environmental issues either through formal accredited training or informal on-site training